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     If it’d be anyone else, Sam would’ve tried to shut her down. It was bad enough knowing about all the bad stuff out there and the idea of Elena stumbling upon something had him chewing on his bottom lip. But at the same time it was a relief knowing she believed; he could almost trick himself into believing he’d let her in on his secret and he didn’t feel so alone.

          “So is that what you’re studying? Mythology?”

     Was that even a course option? On instinct, Sam considered looking into it, considered how useful it would be for John and Dean on their hunts if Sam were studying it primarily, but he slammed the door on that thought almost immediately. The whole point of going to college is to leave that behind, not drag it with you.


         Elena allowed a chuckle escape her lips, as she glanced down at her cup. She didn’t realise how interested she seemed to be in Mythology, that’d lead the boy to the assumption that she’d been studying it. 

              “No… It’s… not really. I mean, I want to be a writer,
                   but I haven’t thought about writing about the supernatural yet.”

         Though that seemed to be a good option, the only reason Elena was in college was to live her normal life, avoiding the supernatural that surround her every day. Writing about creatures that were supposedly non-existent was definitely not a way of escape. Odd, however, since the only thing she’d write about in her new diary the past few weeks was about vampires, immortal warlocks and doppelgangers. No, she couldn’t really escape the life she’d been damned to live, but she could at least avoid it.

              “What about you? Are studying it or is it considered a hobby of yours?”

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