on hiatus

Unfortunately, Elena's journey has come to an end. I've put this blog on a hiatus long ago, assuming that I'd get back again, but since my interest in TVD started to fade, my muse was getting less and less cooperative. I wish I had kept this blog active, because this was my first step into the roleplay world. Elena was my first muse and I'm glad I got to write her. However, due to my lack of interest in TVD, personally because I grew to loathe the show, I cannot force myself to write on a fandom which I no longer belong to. This blog will most likely be on an indefinite hiatus. I do not wish to delete, because I've kept a lot of memories here that I don't want to lose. You can, however, find me on my personal blog and other roleplay blog, as well. Thank you for roleplaying with me.

- Lou xo